Marketing DATA Interactive Consumer Database

Marketing Data Interactive’s 240 million individual names Consumer Database is a multi-sourced file which enables you to pinpoint your best potential customers.  This file is completely rebuilt every month.  All data must pass rigid quality control measures to ensure the information MDi’s customers receive is current and accurate.  To assure freshness, every order is processed through the National Change of Address (NCOA) system before being shipped.  Each update includes sources such as transactional mail order buyer data, automotive information, donor data, publishing data, government census information and more.

Marketing Data Interactive’s Consumer Database allows you to choose from over 1,000 different Demographic, Psychographic and Transactional Mail Order Buyer Data (or R/F/M Data). Pinpoint your prospect by recent purchase, frequency of purchase and value of purchase.  In addition, MDi’s Lifestyle data allows you to select future customers by hobby, interest and behavioral traits – such as the types of magazines, books, catalogs and products they purchase. Layer these with our transactional data and you'll have an exceptionally responsive mailing list or customized model specific to your market.

Marketing Data Interactive’s  Consumer Database is a powerful tool that can give insight into your current customers or prospects and increase the overall response rates from your direct marketing campaigns – no matter what channel you choose: direct mail, telephone, email or a combination.


Marketing Data Interactive's Consumer Selections

Type of Occupation         Credit Card Holders          Mail Order
Buyers                           Income                           Education Level
Ethnicity                         Children’s Data                Lifestyle
Data                              Donors                            Investments
Homeowners                  Mortgage Information        Hispanics
Ailments                        Exact Age                         Marital Status
Net Worth                      Mortgage Data                  Voter Data
Auto Owners                  New Movers Data              Health Products

and much more...