Marketing Data connects you to the Hispanic Market


The U.S. Hispanic population is the largest minority segment with over 50 million Hispanics nationwide and it’s growing at a dramatic rate. The future U.S. economy will depend on Hispanics by virtue of demographic change and the social and cultural shifts expected to accompany their continued growth.




Latinos' presence keeps growing

  • Hispanics contributed 52% of population growth since the year 2000
  • Among the Hispanic population, there are nine births for every death. For non-Hispanic whites, the ratio is 1-to-1
  • By 2015, population 3 largest ethnic groups will be: 110 million and Hispanics will represent nearly 50% of population

Hispanics already account for an important share of consumer expenditures and given their youth, educational advances, and increasing spending capacity, Hispanics are fast becoming preeminent drivers of growth and likely trend setters in the marketplace. Marketers will need to understand the what, where, how and why of their role in tomorrow’s consumption space. Given the total market’s dependence on Hispanics for future growth, tapping Hispanic preferences and purchasing behaviors is essential for any strategy or marketing plan to be successful. Let Marketing Data Interactive guide you on how to reach the Hispanic Market by way of direct mail, phone, email, and/or mobile.

Marketing Data Interactive Hispanic Consumer Database

The Marketing Data Interactive 20 million Hispanic Consumer database is a comprehensive multi-sourced file which is compiled via transactional mail order buyer data, automotive data, donor data, government census information, public records, phone directories, credit bureau information and more.

The Marketing Data Interactive Hispanic Consumer Database offers you a multi-channel tool which allows you to reach the Hispanic audience by direct mail, email, or telephone. A key selection within our database is language preference. This allows you to identify individuals who prefer to receive Spanish language communications. With pinpoint accuracy Marketing Data Interactive can connect you to the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. Please see below on how we can target the right Hispanic Consumer for you.

Marketing Data Interactive Hispanic Consumer Selections

Ethnic Origin          Mail Order Buyers                 Income

Education Level      Subscribers Type                 Ethnicity

Children's Data       Health & Beauty Products      Lifestyle Data

Donors                  Investments                       Occupation

Homeowners          Mortgage Info                     Credit Card

Medical Ailments     Exact Age                          Marital Status

Net Worth             Mortgage Data                    Voter Data

Auto Owners          Veterans Data                    New Movers

Marketing Data Interactive Hispanic Business Database

Marketing Data Interactive's 1.27 million Hispanic business database is a multi-sourced database and includes credit bureau data, yellow pages, special trade directories, state licensing.  Pinpoint responsive Hispanic business owners, executives and professionals who represent a variety of industries and are key decision makers within their respective companies.

The Marketing Data Interactive Hispanic business database offers you a multi-channel option connecting you to this audience via direct mail, telephone and/or email.  Marketing Data Interactive's Hispanic business database also allows you to target by SIC code, job title, employee size, sales volume, years in business, import/export, and much more.

  Marketing Data Interactive Hispanic Business Selections

Job Title                            SIC Code                       Employee Size
Sales Volume                   Owns/Rents                 Years in Business
Import/Export                 Business Owner          Year Started
Years in Business             Franchise                     Gender

Headquarter/Branch      Geography                   Medical Profession
Telephone                        Fax Number                 Email Address